MP4 Latest Product : M-252 (2.5inch TFT MP4 Player )

> 2.5/2.4 inches, 65K real color display monitor
> video and music broadcast (image sound synchronization)
> the nanometer diamond lens, upscale never wear
> the fashion magnalium outer covering, simple is neat
> supports music form and so on the MP3, WMA, WMV, ASF, WAV
> exempts actuates the U plate function, Does not need the executive program
> support lyrics synchronization demonstration
> FM, electronic dictionary, game function
> the electronic photo album function, may glance over the picture or the picture
> electronic documents memory and reading
> pronunciation A-B retakes courses the function, facilitates the study foreign language
> in sets at the high energy lithium battery
> high nurtures the divine or pristine element within oneself the digital sound recording (8,/16 hour)
> sound recording sampling frequency: 8KHZ
> FM frequency range: 87.5--108MHZ
> support compression speed: 32Kbps--320Kbps
> output frequency range: 20HZ--20KHZ
> may choose 128MB\256MB\512MB\1GB
> Language support:Simple Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English and so on.

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